Donald Trump and Xi Jinping has agreed to restart US-China trade talks


The United States of America and China have agreed to resume trade talks that would ease a long row which has contributed to a global economic slowdown.

Donald Trump, the US President and Xi Jinping, the Chinese President has reached an agreement at the G20 summit which took place in Japan.

Trump also said he would allow US companies to continue to sell to the Chinese tech giant Huawei, in a move to significant concession.

Trump had threatened additional trade sanctions on China.

However, after the meeting on the sidelines of the main G20 summit in Osaka, he confirmed that the US would not be adding tariffs on $300bn (£236bn) worth of Chinese imports.

He also said he would continue to negotiate with Beijing “for the time being”.

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And at a subsequent press conference, the US president declared that US technology companies could again sell to China’s Huawei – effectively reversing a ban imposed last month by the US commerce department.

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